Top 5 Lessons Learned: Celebrating 200 Episodes

Oh my gosh, you guys, welcome back to another episode of the podcast! I am so excited to be with you today as we celebrate 200 episodes of “Becoming the CEO of Your Life.” This milestone is a testament to the journey we’ve been on together, sharing wisdom, learning, and growing. Today, I want to reflect on the top five most important lessons I’ve learned since I started podcasting. These lessons are essential for anyone looking to put their message out into the world and make a meaningful impact. Let’s dive in and explore these transformative insights!

Self-Trust: The Foundation of Success

When it comes to becoming the CEO of your life, the most critical skill is self-trust. This involves two key components: developing a deep relationship with yourself and regulating your nervous system to stay connected to your highest thinking.

I coach for a nonprofit organization, and one exercise I have my clients do is to write down their identities on puzzle pieces, leaving one piece blank. When I ask if they included their own name, the answer is usually no. This exercise underscores the importance of recognizing and valuing our relationship with ourselves first. Knowing yourself deeply allows you to show up authentically in all areas of your life.

Nervous System Regulation

Another aspect of self-trust is learning to feel and process emotions. Practices like yoga and walking have been anchors for me, helping me stay grounded and in tune with my feelings. This preparation helps me stay regulated and connected to my higher self, even in challenging situations.

Focusing on the Journey, Not Just the Destination

Letting go of the outcome might sound controversial, but it’s essential. Goals serve as our compass, guiding us in the right direction, but they are not the end-all. The true value lies in who we become in the process of pursuing these goals.

Think about earning a million dollars versus having someone give it to you. Earning it yourself means you acquire the skills to manage, appreciate, and use it wisely. The journey equips you with invaluable lessons and capabilities.

Our identities can get tangled up with our goals. Remember, you are not your goals. Don’t take outcomes personally. Focus on becoming the person who can achieve the goals and maintain that success.

The Power of Positive Self-Talk

Transforming Your Inner Dialogue

How you talk to yourself matters immensely. Developing a kind and supportive inner dialogue can dramatically impact your relationship with yourself and your overall success.

In the past, my self-talk was harsh and critical. Now, I show up for myself with love and grace. I cheer myself on, listen to my stories, and offer a soft place to land. This transformation has made all the difference in my life and work.

It’s not just about how we talk to ourselves, but also how we speak about others. Positive energy and honoring others’ light and vitality are crucial.

Fuel Your Creative Fire

Nurturing Your Energy as a Power Move

Fueling your creative fire isn’t an afterthought; it’s a strategic power move. Too often, we think we’ll make time for creativity once life slows down. The opposite is true—you must prioritize nurturing your energy now.

Maintain specific systems for self-care, including how you eat, move, drink, sleep, and keep your environment. Your well-being directly influences your creative output and overall energy. Cultivating a sustainable lifestyle as a creative person is essential.

Keep Your Word to Yourself

Building Unwavering Integrity

The culmination of all these lessons is learning to keep your word to yourself. This means running your life with the same integrity and efficiency you would a successful business.

Set realistic goals and follow through. This isn’t about willpower—it’s about unraveling old mindsets and implementing sustainable systems that support your vision. Stay connected to your core, fuel your fire, and align energetically with your goals.

I Learned My Lessons, Now it’s Your Turn

These top five lessons—developing self-trust, letting go of the outcome, practicing positive self-talk, fueling your creative fire, and keeping your word to yourself—are the keys to becoming the CEO of your life. By integrating these principles, you can unlock your full potential and make a meaningful impact.

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