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Life is too short to feel trapped behind extra weight, pesky sugar cravings, crippling energy drain, and chaotic, ever-changing schedules.  You were designed for MORE!

Here’s the BEST news: Amazing health IS possible for you…

…and it will completely transform your life! 


I’m Janeen!

I’m passionate about giving busy moms the kind of support I wish I had given myself – not by thinking ‘me first,’ but with a ME TOO mindset. 

Your health, and subsequent life, is the greatest gift you can give yourself and your family so you can play, dance, cheer and enjoy TODAY – you don’t have to wait until your kids are in college. 

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88. The Long Game

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87. Your Healthy Future Self
87. Your Healthy Future Self

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86. How to Thrive When Times are Tough with Merrill Alley
86. How to Thrive When Times are Tough with Merrill Alley

I'm super excited to bring my husband, Merrill, back on the show. He just returned from his remote military assignment in Turkey where he spent the last 15 1/2 months by himself. We talk on the show today about his specific challenges and, more importantly, how he...

Your Step-by-Step Success Path To Vibrant Wellness:

Are you ready to take your health to the next level?  

What Clients Have to Say

Liz B.

“…Every day was a fight with my body.  Every day was counting calories, dreading putting on pants, hating myself for what I ate.  But I wanted to hope. I wanted to believe Janeen. And I am glad I did, because she changed my life.”

Cynthia E.

“I have worked on different programs for years to lose weight and had limited success but this is the first time that someone has spent time getting me to look at my mindset and my view of myself and my body before talking about food and exercise and that is exactly the approach I needed to live a wholly healthy life.

I am feeling better every day and the order that has permeated my family’s life and beyond has been nearly magical!”

Julie F.

“Janeen has been my health and fitness mentor for the past ten years. When I first met her I immediately felt that she knew something I didn’t know about my health.  Did she ever!  My life has never been the same. The changes we have made in our family because of her guidance have been a huge blessing. We are rarely sick anymore and we are all able to maintain a healthy weight. Her greatest joy is seeing the change that occurs when poeple own their health.  She is my biggest cheerleader and is always there for me when I need support.”

Angie M.

“I had always been an active person who knew the benefits of exercise, but I had no idea my Southern upbringing had jaded my understanding of a proper diet… I’ve been told by colleagues that my skin is glowing, and I can actually feel my stomach (always my ‘problem’ area) shrinking.  I have truly learned the power of a healthy lifestyle from inside-out.  I have also started to not fear heart disease since it runs in my family due to our dietary culture…”

Alicia S.

“I have been blown away by Janeen’s knowledge and ability to help me close the gap between where I am and where I want to be in all aspects of my life… I’ve learned how the process to accomplish my goals and dreams – from small things to things I didn’t even think were possible.  My husband was just commenting on how he hasn’t been sick in a long time and how his digestive issues have improved.  This is hard to prove, but I truly believe that all these changes for the good have helped my kids’ behavior as well.  And! Almost all my pants are now too big.” 

Meagan S.

“I’ve tried to put my health first many times before but it wouldn’t last.  I would get sick of being hungry, I would miss old foods, I would get bored of exercise.  She taught me how to eat in a way that left me full and my body feeling good.  When my body feels good it wants to move; I want to be active! 

I have lost 25 pounds, from 155 to 130.  It would have taken me years of reading and studying and applying what I learned (and I wouldn’t have done it) to figure out what she taught me in a few months…” 

Cheryl R.

“I didn’t know how powerful systems could be until I put one in place for my bedtime routine.  As far back as I can remember, I have always been tired.  The one thing that has been consistent for the past 40 years was falling asleep with the TV on (and leaving it on all night).  It was my way of not letting the chatter in my head overwhelm me.  My husband tried for years to get me to break this habit.  

One night, about 2 months after I started learning about systems, I got up the courage and agreed to give it a try.  I came up with a routine that left me feeling rested and so much more effective throughout the day…”

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