Become the CEO of Your Life! 

Rise Above the Mundane to Make an Impact.

Here’s the truth:

You know you are here to make things happen!

You feel like your hard work has paid off in so many ways. And you feel like you should be grateful for your life and blessings…


But deep down you feel like there’s more. 












You feel a call to rise above the daily grind and make a difference.

And you kinda want to ignore it.

 Because it’s terrifying.

You’re not sure if you have what it takes or even what to do or where to start.

I’ve got you!

Hey there, I’m Janeen!

I support women who feel ordinary do something extraordinary.

I help them:

1.) Clarify their call.

2.) Find the freedom to do what matters most.

3.) Create sustainable systems so they can create an impact without burnout.

4.) Build the confidence to make it happen!



When intelligent, caring women know how to live out their dreams we change the world.

And that’s why you’re here.

My mission is to help amazing, purpose-driven women channel their energy into a few things that light them up in a way that has them thriving at their highest potential and making an impact in their families and work. 

I show you how to completely transform the way you’re thinking about yourself and your time so you can go from the daily hustle to seamless significance.

You don’t have to work twice as hard to make a difference!

I’ll show you how! xo, Janeen

Becoming the CEO of Your Life Podcast.

Have you had a chance to listen to Becoming the CEO of your Life Podcast yet?

I get it! There’s stuff to do. But you don’t want the laundry and dishes taking over your life.

I know you hate feeling like your kids don’t know the real you – the fun-loving, relaxed, joyful you – because you’re so overwhelmed and busy all the time.

But I see you. And I know the real you is dying to be present with your life and loved ones. So come join me!

Each week, I offer tried-and-true tactical and mindset strategies to help you slow down and enjoy the life you are working so hard to create – ’cause I’ve been there, my friend.

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*Photo credit for the site @emilybphotofilm (Instagram)

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