I’m Janeen Alley!

I help busy women become the CEO of their lives!

I’m here to help you take control of your time, gain 2+ hours each day, create consistent routines and get things done that matter most.

Less Crisis Management.

More Peaceful Productivity. 

As a mom of 4, I get that you’re frustrated you can’t get to everything on your list because each day feels different, things come up, and you currently feel like you can’t catch your breath.

If you’re juggling home, work, and family and you’re feeling over-worked, over-scheduled, and overwhelmed, I can help!

>> Watch the FREE, on-demand Masterclass to help you move from chaos to calm NOW!  You’ll understand how and why you’re (unknowingly) doubling down on what’s NOT working and, most importantly, how to pivot so you can ENJOY the life you’re working so hard to create. 

Hustling harder isn’t the answer!

As a certified yoga and meditation teacher, I take a completely different approach to getting things done.

1. Regulate your nervous system

and gain clarity-of-mind and peace.

2. Plan your life FROM your priorities

and eliminate everything else.

3. Keep your word to yourself

so you can follow through like a boss.

When you make the shift from feeling frazzled and pulled in a million directions by getting to the ROOT of the problem through nervous system regulation,

not only will you be able to take the steps to a healthier, happier life, but you’ll NEVER go back to the hustle and the old way of doing things.

“The biggest thing that has changed is my relationships with my kids (and that’s not even why I started this work)… I’ve been able to really focus on what’s important to me. I have a concrete plan for the goals in my life and I’m making them happen… My self-confidence has improved and I’m so much happier…”

– Brianna E.

Wow! You were so right about feeling grounded. I haven’t had this much energy and clarity in a long time. I seriously wasn’t buying it at first. I’m so glad I signed up to work with you.”  

– Jill H.

The key to getting things done is you have to work on feeling peace FIRST and then you’re more effective with your time because you’re not overwhelmed, edgy, and easily distracted.

Trust me, I’ve been where you are!  As long as keep doubling down on the same systems that aren’t working for you – making ineffective lists, thinking it’s ALL a priority, putting out fires, racing through the day, taking on other people’s agendas, staying up late to get caught up, and falling into bed exhausted only to start the same punishing cycle again the next day – you’re going to be getting the SAME results everyone else is getting: feeling burned out and behind. Every day.

With a regulated nervous system, not only can you think clearly and get more done in less time, but you’re more emotionally resilient, energized, and you feel so much better. 

I was sitting in church on Sunday and I noticed I just felt different. I actually felt regulated inside my body. Not just reverent and sitting nicely like usual, but actually felt totally calm inside my mind and body. I don’t remember the last time I felt that way – it’s probably been over 10 years or more. I had gotten so used to survival mode I had forgotten what regulated felt like… I can totally see how this is something that will have long-lasting, positive changes in my life and I will be forever grateful. Thank you!”

– Sommer M.

When you change your nervous system,

you change your life experience. 

Just like you, I thought if I stopped moving for a minute, all the plates I had spinning would come crashing down.

But I want you to imagine feeling free from the self-imposed stressors of your life. Your body feels calm, light, relaxed…

…you can think clearly and stay focused because your nervous system is soothed and settled, you know how to consistently follow through on your word to yourself and you’re able to flow through your day with less stress – even amidst the chaos.

No matter what you have going on in your life right now, I promise, this is 100% possible for you!

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