Wellness and Productivity Coaching for Busy Moms

I help busy moms boost energy and lose weight through a plant-based lifestyle… even if they struggle to find time and stay consistent.


Ways to work with Janeen 

Do you feel like you are so busy all of the time?

If you’re struggling to find the time to exercise, cook healthier meals, or to do anything “extra” THIS is where you need to start!

Join me inside this mini course to find out how you can BAN BUSY and create an extra 2 hours in your day.

Do you long to be fit, but you’re not sure how to do it all with a family?

VW for Busy Moms is my signature course + coaching.  I cover all things Physical, Mental, and Emotional Fitness for Women to help them boost energy, lose weight, and live a healthy lifestyle… Even if they struggle to find time, stay consistent, or their kids don’t like vegetables.

If you want personalized coaching for your unique challenges, this is for you!

You get everything inside of my Vibrant Wellness membership, plus weekly 45-min, 1:1 calls with me for coaching and accountability, plus 24/7 text access to me.Get your application started now to see if you’re a good fit and get on the list!

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