Here's what you'll discover...

  • The real reason why investing in new strategies, marketing, or systems isn’t going to work for you - and what to do to implement the strategies you already know and get them to “take off”.

  • Why implementing ‘good-student-strategies’ doesn’t work and what to focus your energy on instead to get the breakthrough you desire.

  • How to have your own back regardless of your outcomes so you can stay in the game and get the results you want without noticeable setbacks.

  • How to create unapologetic trust in yourself and message so that what you create feels like an extension of yourself - your magnum opus - and not the robotic, cookie-cutter version of someone else’s process.

  • And how to do all this with less effort than you think while get exciting results for you and your customers and making the income and impact you are here for.

Hi there, I'm Janeen Alley!

I’m the Self-Trust Life Coach for Visionaries and Creatives.

I’m a multi-passionate mom of 4 and a little surprised that I became a meditation and yoga teacher for how high-strung I used to be, but it saved me, so here we are.

I live outside Denver, CO with my family and sweet pup, Jackson.