Control Your Subconscious Mind With Rapid Transformation Therapy (Feat. Amy Rossigall)

Welcome back, everyone! I’m thrilled to dive into another insightful episode of “Becoming the CEO of Your Life.” Today, we have a special treat for you. I’ve invited my dear friend and incredible practitioner, Amy Rossigall, to share her expertise on Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT). Our discussion will explore how RTT can help control your subconscious mind, leading to profound and rapid changes in your life. Whether you’re dealing with personal blocks, professional challenges, or seeking overall growth, Amy’s insights are sure to inspire and empower you.

Discovering Rapid Transformation Therapy

When it comes to overcoming deep-seated beliefs and subconscious blocks, RTT is a game-changer. Amy and I met during our yoga teacher training in Denver, and her passion for helping others is evident in everything she does. Amy’s journey into RTT began as a wellness and habit change coach, eventually integrating hypno-coaching into her practice. Rapid transformation therapy combines elements of hypnosis and coaching, creating a powerful tool for personal transformation.

Amy describes her first experience with RTT as a client, realizing its potential to tackle issues at their root. Unlike traditional coaching or therapy, RTT focuses on a single issue per session, delving into the subconscious mind to uncover the origins of deeply ingrained beliefs. Through a relaxed, meditative state, clients revisit pivotal moments that shaped their current challenges, illuminating and reworking these beliefs to create positive change.

The Power of Subconscious Beliefs

Our subconscious beliefs often drive our actions and reactions, sometimes without us even realizing it. Amy shared a compelling example of a client struggling with work-life balance due to a fear of disappointing others. This belief stemmed from a past experience with a disapproving boss, which had become a subconscious driver of overworking and stress.

RTT helps individuals identify and rewire these beliefs, shifting them towards more empowering and supportive narratives. By understanding where these beliefs come from and consciously choosing new ones, we can free ourselves from self-sabotaging patterns and move forward with greater ease and confidence.

Personal Transformation Through RTT

Amy’s own journey with rapid transformation therapy began after a significant car accident left her with driving anxiety. Despite extensive traditional therapy, the anxiety persisted until she tried hypnosis. The results were immediate and profound, sparking her interest in RTT. Through RTT, Amy discovered the power of being truly connected to oneself, experiencing a level of self-friendship and inner peace she had never known before.

This transformation was similar to her first yoga class experience, realizing the potential for deep relaxation and self-awareness. RTT helps clients access this inner connection, creating a safe space for exploring and reworking limiting beliefs. This self-connection not only fosters personal growth but also provides a stable foundation for facing life’s challenges.

Practical Applications of RTT

RTT’s applications are vast, ranging from overcoming money blocks to enhancing creativity and improving relationships. Personally, Amy has helped me with numerous challenges, including money mindset, creative blocks, and relationship issues. The beauty of rapid transformation therapy lies in its ability to provide rapid, lasting change through targeted sessions.

Clients receive a personalized recording after each session, reinforcing the new beliefs and supporting continued transformation. These recordings serve as a powerful tool for maintaining progress and resetting when needed. Amy’s approach combines curiosity, openness, and a willingness to embrace change, making RTT an effective and transformative experience.

Want to Try Rapid Transformation Therapy for Yourself?

Unlocking your subconscious mind with RTT can lead to profound personal and professional growth. By addressing and reworking limiting beliefs, we open ourselves to new possibilities and greater potential. If you’re ready to transform your life, consider exploring RTT with Amy Rossigall. Her expertise and compassionate approach make her an invaluable guide on this journey.

If you’re interested in experiencing RTT firsthand, I highly recommend booking a session with Amy. You can find her at Additionally, those joining my coaching program will have the exclusive opportunity to work with Amy, integrating RTT into their transformational journey.

Let’s embrace the power of our subconscious minds and unlock our fullest potential together. Here’s to your continued growth and success!

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