Becoming the CEO of Your Life


“Have a great summer – Don’t change!” This is written all over the inside of my high school yearbooks. And honestly, at the time I probably wrote the same thing. LOL.

The difficult thing is most of the people in our lives want us to stay the same so they feel better about staying the same. Because change is hard. Staying the same is comfortable. But I’m guessing since you’re here, staying the same is probably not what you want for your life.

Today on the podcast, I’m talking about who you BELONG to. When I say “belong” I’m talking about whose opinions of you matter. If we’re not clear on this, we end up subconsciosly trying to live up to someone else’s expectations of our lives. And like I said, usually their expectations for us aren’t awesome.

Join me inside as I share all the juicy details of how to belong to yourself so you can break free from these expectations. I’ll see you there!

142. Don’t Let ‘Belonging’ Sabotage Your Dreams

April 6, 2023