You've always known you were meant for impact... 
... and you're ready to level up! 

You’ve had a lot of success, but you feel like checking the boxes and doing what others have expected of you is keeping you caged.

You feel pulled by this internal calling to create more authentically, fully expressed, unwavering in your own power, instead of pushing to achieve external markers of success that don’t feel like you. 

You’re excited because you know the moment has come to step into the freedom, ease, and adventure that comes from allowing and receiving with full, unapologetic trust in yourself.

Every woman at her CORE has inexhaustible wisdom. yet it often remains dormant because she doesn’t know how to unlock and seek guidance from it.

Here's the deal

Through my experience, I've found that embracing change involves not only influencing those in our close circles but also courageously questioning established cultural norms, and above all, maintaining a profound connection with our inner guide.

Become the Unwavering Woman

Create Your Core Connection

Recognize and embrace your inner wisdom so you can share your mission and your message with unwavering conviction.

Fuel Your Creative Fire

Renew and recalibrate your energy so you can unleash your passion for all the things you desire to do.

Embody Your energetically Aligned Message

Be BOLD and consistently perform at your highest level with complete alignment so you can authentically create the life you envision. 




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My purpose is to help women understand that their value goes beyond their education or how much they accomplish, but most importantly, it includes WHO THEY ARE – this shines through in the way they make decisions, execute their ideas, and run their life.

Becoming the CEO of your life has less to do with doing ‘all the things’ and more about connecting to own power, doing what feels good, and generating the energy of UNWAVERING belief that what you have to share with the world matters – this empowers you in your mission and magnetizes the right people into your world.

The women I work with love what they do, how they do it, and feel proud of their simple but highly effective and authentic way of life. They’re truly free to create, speak out, cut back, move forward – feeling worthy of incredible success with ease. 

Hey there, I'm Janeen

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Woman Assessment

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I believe in giving my clients high-level support! Which is why I’m offering to hop on a 15-minute high-value Unwavering Assessment with you. 

On this call, I’ll diagnose the exact cause of your current plateau and I’ll give you very specific take-aways that you can implement right away to help you let go of your energy drains and embody your energetically aligned message. 

This is not a sales call. This is a 100% value-based-call where we’ll be able to determine the best action plan for you moving forward.

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