190. Unlock Abundance: Expand Your Capacity to Receive More of What You Want

by | Mar 21, 2024

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You’re all fired up, ready to share your message or mission with the world. You’re poured your heart and soul into your work only you hit the same plateau. You think you need a new strategy or better systems to take things to the next level only to hit the same results time and again. Sound familiar? If you’re like me, you’ve been through this pattern more times than you care to count. But what if I told you you don’t have an external problem, the problem you’re facing is internal. 

This week, I dive into the topic of expanding your capacity to receive more of what you desire. I share strategies and perspectives on how to cultivate a mindset of abundance and openness. I’ll briefly recap the key points discussed in the episode and explore practical steps you can take to enhance your ability to receive in whatever you desire, but make sure you go listen to the episode because it’s really good! 🙂 

Understanding the Concept of Receiving:

I began by clarifying the notion of receiving, emphasizing that it encompasses more than just material possessions or wealth. It extends to all areas of life, including professional success, personal fulfillment, joy, and freedom. Whether it’s attracting more clients, increasing financial abundance, or experiencing inner growth, the ability to receive plays a crucial role in manifesting desired outcomes.

Recognizing the Connection Between Allowing and Receiving:

Drawing parallels between allowing and receiving, I highlight their interconnectedness. While allowing involves embracing life with less resistance and openness to positive outcomes, receiving is about actively inviting and accepting what you desire into your life. By aligning these two aspects, you can create a harmonious flow of abundance and fulfillment.

Overcoming Internal Blocks to Receiving:

I share my own experience of overcoming internal barriers to receiving, particularly in my business. I acknowledge past struggles with pricing, self-limiting beliefs, and resistance to certain business models. Through introspection and mindset shifts, I’ve learned to challenge scarcity mindset and embrace abundance, ultimately leading to transformative growth and success.

Cultivating Energetic Alignment:

A key aspect of expanding your capacity to receive is cultivating energetic alignment. This involves aligning thoughts, beliefs, and actions with desired outcomes, fostering a sense of trust and openness to opportunities. By releasing resistance, embracing authenticity, and nurturing self-awareness, you can create a fertile ground for abundance to flourish.

Taking Action and Making Space for Growth:

I emphasize the importance of taking intentional action and creating space for growth. This may involve letting go of outdated beliefs, simplifying life’s complexities, and making room for new opportunities to unfold. By staying open to possibilities and trusting the process, you can pave the way for meaningful transformations.

Seeking Clarity and Alignment:

In navigating the journey of expansion, I underscore the significance of seeking clarity and alignment with your true desires. By getting clear on personal values, goals, and aspirations, you can channel your energy towards what truly matters to you, fostering a deeper sense of purpose and fulfillment.

In essence, expanding your capacity to receive is not merely about acquiring external possessions or achievements; it’s about embracing a mindset of abundance, openness, and alignment with your true self. By overcoming internal blocks, cultivating energetic alignment, and taking intentional action, you can invite more of what you desire into your life and step into your fullest potential as the CEO of your own life.

ENJOY! xo, Janeen



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