When it comes to truly being productive, we have bought into the idea that we get more done so that… we can get more done!! Amiright?!

However, this is not healthy and here’s why. If we are constantly trying to get more done – just to get more done – we create a vicious cycle because the truth is: it’s NEVER ‘done.’

There is always more to do! We never stop, we’re always on and it feels super chaotic and nutso.

In this episode, I talk about a much healthier outlook to productivity: to get more done so you can create FREEDOM in your life. Freedom to focus, be spontaneous and more present in your life or DO NOTHING if you want to.

That’s a much better way to live and that’s what I want for you. So tune in to learn HOW to do this in your own life! That’s right! You can do this! See you on the inside!

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