203. Overcoming Inhibition Instinct: The Exact Soul-Satisfying Process to Become the CEO of Your Life

Welcome back to another episode of “Becoming the CEO of Your Life.” I’m Janeen Alley, and today, I’m thrilled to share a topic that has been transformative for me and countless others: Overcoming Inhibition Instinct, the exact soul-satisfying process to become the CEO of your life. If you’re feeling like something is missing despite your hard work and dedication, this article is for you. Let’s dive into how you can create more consistency, growth, and that grounded feeling of “I’ve got this.”

Recognizing and Overcoming Inhibition Instinct

The Problem with Traditional Success Models

Many of us are conditioned to follow external frameworks and strategies meticulously. While this works well in academic and corporate settings, it often leads to a watered-down version of our vision when it comes to personal and entrepreneurial endeavors. We start to experience self-doubt, burnout, and apathy because we are not fully aligned with our true selves.

I remember meticulously following popular marketing scripts and strategies, hoping to replicate others’ success. Despite my hard work, I felt disconnected from my vision and struggled to achieve the desired results. This experience taught me that the problem wasn’t with the systems or strategies themselves but with my inhibition instinct—holding back my true thoughts and ideas to fit into someone else’s framework.

The Solution: Unapologetic Self-Trust

To move past this inhibition instinct, we need to cultivate unapologetic self-trust and unwavering conviction in our message. This involves recognizing our unique value and trusting our inner wisdom. Only then can we close the alignment gap between our intentions and actions, making our efforts more authentic and impactful.

Creating Core Connection

The Importance of Inner Wisdom

Every woman has a reservoir of unfailing, perfect wisdom within her. Unfortunately, we are often conditioned to value external advice over our inner knowledge. This leads to a disconnect between our true selves and our actions.

In my journey, I often found myself looking for validation and approval from mentors and coaches, doubting my own insights and ideas. It wasn’t until I started trusting my inner wisdom that I began to see significant growth and fulfillment in my work.

Building Core Connection

To truly step into our power, we need to create a strong core connection. This involves practices that help us tune into our inner wisdom, such as meditation, journaling, and self-reflection. By doing so, we can navigate our unique path with confidence and authenticity.

Fueling Your Creative Fire

Understanding Energy Dynamics

As energetic beings, our creativity and productivity are directly linked to how we manage our energy. When we ignore our needs and push through tasks, we deplete our energy, leading to burnout and reduced effectiveness.

Last week, I planned to write five social media posts but felt anxious and dysregulated. Instead of forcing myself to write, I took time to do yoga and listen to a creative meditation. By the evening, I was able to write seven posts in just 12 minutes. This experience highlighted the importance of taking care of our nervous system and energy.

Develop routines that support your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Simple practices like regular exercise, healthy eating, adequate sleep, and mindfulness can significantly enhance your creative flow and overall productivity.

Embodying Your Energetically Aligned Message

The Power of Alignment

When we are in alignment with our core values and energy, everything flows more easily. Our work becomes an extension of our true selves, making it more impactful and fulfilling.

One of my clients struggled with implementing external strategies. Once she started trusting her inner wisdom and aligning her actions with her core values, she experienced a significant shift in her business. She became more confident, her messaging became clearer, and her results improved dramatically.

To achieve this alignment, it’s essential to embody your energetically aligned message. This means living and breathing your mission, believing in it wholeheartedly, and showing up authentically in all your interactions.

Ready to Overcome Your Inhibition Instinct?

Becoming the CEO of your life involves cultivating unapologetic self-trust, creating a strong core connection, fueling your creative fire, and embodying your energetically aligned message. These principles will help you move from force to flow, making your journey more enjoyable and sustainable.

If you’re ready to dive deeper into this process, I invite you to book your Unwavering Woman Assessment with me. This 15-minute call will provide you with personalized insights to help you stand in your power and share your message with the world. Visit JaneenAlley.com/CEO to book your spot today.

Let’s continue this journey together, stepping into our power and becoming the CEOs of our lives.