People pleasers are liars.

How do I know this?  Because I used to be one.

I’d lie to myself about what I liked, what I wanted, or who I was to try to get others to like me.

I’d say things I thought other people wanted to hear or I’d do things I thought they wanted me to do to be accepted.

Let me tell you, living this way is exhausting.

If you’re doing this, I want you to know there’s freedom on the other side.

Freedom to just be yourself.

This requires that we stop wearing all the different hats. It also requires that are willing to be brave and be US at the risk of someone else’s rejection.

So often we’d rather pretend than be authentic.

That way, if someone doesn’t like who we’re pretending to be, we tell ourselves we don’t have to take it personally, right?  🙂

I’ve decided I’d rather live with radical honesty and live my truth, than to spend my time pretending to be someone I’m not.

When I show up loving me and honoring myself, it’s SO MUCH easier to love other people.

Give it a try.

Stop judging yourself for a day (or a week) and thinking you “should” be different than you are. Instead, practice loving kindness toward yourself and notice that it becomes so much easier to love others as well!

Just be yourself.  It’s the best thing to be in the whole world! 

Have an amazing week!

xo, Janeen

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References (and links) from the podcast:

A Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon (children’s story)

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