Have you been feeling like you’re not sure which way is ‘up’ lately? Maybe you’ve had a hard time focusing, or you’ve been getting super distracted, or you’ve been feeling some intense negative emotions.

There has been SO much going on recently that there have been days, I’m not gonna lie, I’ve felt like I’m completely sideways.

On today’s podcast, I am talking about how to get back on your feet when you’ve been bumped off the wellness train.

When this happens, what we want to do is to try to get back on track where we fell off. For example, if we were consistently going to the gym before, we want to try to start up again doing that same thing.

What I have found, though, is starting where we left off is not usually the best idea because there is a PATH. A tried-and-true wellness path. And if we try to jump onto the path at the middle without checking to make sure we are doing the first steps, we’re going to fall off the wellness train AGAIN. And that’s not what I want for you.

If you need help figuring out where to start, join me for the conversation on today’s show. I’ll see you there! Xo, Janeen

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I think the best resource for you is RIGHT HERE. 🙂 It’s my free podcast fast-track guide that has what you need to get started with outcome creation that I talk about in this episode.

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