Are you interested in the biggest life hack around?

Of course you are! It’s SLEEP. Not super exciting maybe, but it really is the best productivity hack, relationship hack and health hack there is. (I know! That’s a lot of hacks!)

Come on, who isn’t showing up better when they’re well-rested?!

There’s a problem though: Sleep is usually the first thing that gets cut when we feel like there is too much to do. I remember thinking, “If I can just wake up consistently at 3am, I KNOW I will be able to get it all done.” That thought is not only incorrect, but also unsustainable and even dangerous. The truth is, when we are sleep deprived we are literally cutting off our main source of energy and rejuvenation – compromising our health in the process (mentally, emotionally and physically).

So, what is a busy mom going to do?! I’m so glad you asked! Because THAT is what we’re covering in this week’s podcast! Why sleep is so important and how to get better quality sleep so that you’re sleeping smarter and you’re showing up fully charged in your life.

I’ll see you there! xo, J

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