Have you ever felt super impatient trying to reach a goal? Let’s say it’s weight loss and you think, “Oh my goodness! Why is this taking me SO stinkin’ long?”

And the immediate next thought is, “Why is it that I continue to battle with this same thing over and over again!? It shouldn’t be THIS hard!”

There have also been times I’ve even questioned my worthiness to achieve the goal if my results aren’t happening according to my timeframe. “Seriously. What’s wrong with me?!”

And there have also been other times I’ve doubted that it’s even WORTH my time to try to fight the same fight over and over again. “Maybe I should just move on.”

In this week’s podcast, I am talking about honoring the struggle. That’s right.

The STRUGGLE. The FIGHT!! The inner BATTLE that is waged when we strive, seek and try over and over again. It’s painful.

Here’s the hard truth: pain doesn’t mean you’re doing it wrong! Pain is required for transformation. You can’t have one with out the other.

What I’ve learned is that the struggle is where the magic happens. We think it’s reaching the goal, but it’s not. The struggle itself creates a different outcome – one that we aren’t expecting when we started.

The hidden outcome? BECOMING. It’s GOLD.

Becoming who we were meant to become because we chose to go for the dream.

Triumph because of the struggle. You in? I hope so!

I’ll see you there. xo, Janeen

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