Are you interested in switching to a plant-based lifestyle, but you’re concerned about getting in enough calcium? If so, you are definitely not alone.  

You probably remember the 80’s commercial slogan:  Milk. It does a body good!  Or at least the milk mustache campaign from the 2000’s!  But does it do a body good?!  The dairy industry wants you to think so. 

Trying to shake that strong media message can be a struggle.  Nature’s perfect food, right?!  

Even years after we started eating lots of plants, I worried that our bones were going to crumble because we weren’t consuming dairy. As a parent, there were days I doubted whether or not I was making the right choice by not giving it to my kids.

**Just for the record, I have super strong bones!  After a recent scan, I am in the “green zone” – which a lot of middle-aged, white ladies can’t say. (Not being racist – white women have a higher risk for brittle bones and osteoporosis than other ethnicities.). How did I get so “lucky” you ask?  PLANTS! 

In this week’s episode, I discuss the abundant plant sources of calcium to not only alleviate any concerns you might have about getting in enough calcium, but also assure you that making the switch to lots of plants is hugely beneficial for your health and bones.

We also talk about the difference between dietary deficiency and bone demineralization. You probably aren’t deficient, but you might be at risk for bone demineralization from lifestyle choices.

By moving away from cow’s milk you are making a smart move toward a healthier outcome! 

Curious!? Join me! See you on the inside!

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