205. Work Life Balance During Buzzy Summer Vibe

Balancing the high-energy buzz of summer with the need to get quality work done can feel like a tightrope walk. In this episode, I share how to harness that vibrant summer energy without losing focus on your goals so you can improve your work life balance. Let’s explore how to stay productive while fully enjoying the season.

How to Approach Work Life Balance During Summer

Embracing the Pitta Season

Summer, or Pitta season in Ayurvedic terms, brings high energy, growth, and vibrancy. It’s a time when nature thrives, and so do we. But too much of this fiery energy can lead to imbalance, making us feel agitated and unfocused. I share how recognizing and managing this energy can help us stay grounded and productive.

Drawing from my own life, I discuss how summer’s busy vibe affects our routines and emotions. From wearing pajama pants during a video call to struggling with a regular yoga practice, I highlight the importance of adapting our routines. This includes starting yoga sessions with relaxation to ground ourselves or setting realistic goals for the day.

Feeling Your Emotions

One critical aspect of staying balanced is allowing ourselves to feel our emotions rather than resisting them. I share a personal story about feeling jittery before a major Facebook Live session and how embracing those feelings helped me perform better. Embracing our current emotions, rather than fighting them, can create a sense of peace and allow us to stay present.

Managing Expectations

Adjusting expectations during different seasons, like summer, can prevent frustration. For those with kids home during summer, it’s essential to set realistic goals and acknowledge that work routines will be different. By doing so, we can enjoy the season without feeling overwhelmed.

Ready to Maintain or Improve Work Life Balance in Summer?

Balancing work and the vibrant energy of summer is possible by staying grounded, feeling our emotions, and managing our expectations. Check out my 20-minute masterclass on core connection and alignment for a deeper dive into creating this balance.

Ready to stay balanced and productive this summer? Watch my 20-minute masterclass on creating core connection and alignment. Visit janeenalley.com/webinar to get started.