204. Cultivating Determination: How to Transform Doubt by Embracing Possibility

Hey everyone, welcome back to another episode of the podcast! I’m your host, Janeen Alley, and today we’re diving into a topic that has been front and center in my recent coaching sessions: Cultivating determination, and transforming doubt by embracing possibility. This is something that resonates deeply with so many of us, especially when we’re striving to reach new levels of success and fulfillment in our lives.

Embracing the Presence of Doubt

First, let’s acknowledge a fundamental truth: self-doubt never fully disappears. It’s an emotion that will resurface each time we level up. This isn’t a sign of failure but a natural part of growth. Even after achieving a certain level of confidence and success, doubt can creep back in when we step into new, unfamiliar territories.

When I first started podcasting, I was overwhelmed with anxiety. Now, after countless episodes, it feels routine. However, every new challenge brings back some level of doubt. It’s crucial to understand that this cycle is normal and a sign of personal and professional growth. That’s why is so important to keep cultivating determination regularly.

Confronting the “What If” Questions

One of the most common forms of doubt is the “what if” question: “What if this doesn’t work?” This can be paralyzing, but dissecting these fears and addressing them head-on is essential.

Take my client who recently bought a property to expand her business. Her fear was, “What if the revenue isn’t enough to cover expenses?” By identifying specific concerns, like cash flow issues, she could brainstorm realistic solutions, such as attracting more clients or renting out space for different purposes.

Building Unwavering Conviction

The antidote to doubt is unwavering conviction. This conviction isn’t just about believing in your idea but believing in your ability to adapt, solve problems, and persist through challenges.

Cultivating Determination Through Daily Routines

Incorporating routines that foster this conviction is vital. Daily practices that reinforce your belief in your mission can transform your mindset. For me, routines that help me feel passionate and connected to my work are non-negotiable.

The Power of Possibility

Embrace the concept of dwelling in possibility. This is more than positive thinking; it’s about creating and nurturing a mindset that believes in the potential for success.

Ask yourself regularly, “What if this does work?” Visualize the positive outcomes and let this possibility drive your actions. This shift in perspective can have a profound impact on your motivation and determination.

Overcoming Wavering Energy

Wavering energy is a dream killer. To avoid this, focus on conviction. It’s this unwavering belief that attracts success and propels you forward.

Imagine two people selling the same product. One is passionate and fully believes in what they’re doing, while the other is filled with doubt. The passionate seller’s energy is contagious and magnetic, making all the difference.

Ready to Start Cultivating Your Determination?

Transforming doubt into determination is about cultivating unwavering conviction and a mindset focused on possibility. It requires daily practice and a deep belief in your potential and mission.

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