Have you ever noticed that you mirror the people who are around you? When someone is happy or sad, it’s contagious, right?

That’s called ‘mirroring’ and it’s something we innately do as human beings. It’s a way we connect with others and normally it can be super helpful – except when it’s not.

And it’s not helpful when someone is modeling less-than-ideal behavior, like they’re yelling for example, and we mirror that.

On this week’s podcast, I’m talking about how to STOP mirroring other people and to really listen to what they are saying so we stay in control and show up intentionally.

These are two tools I have learned that have been GAME-CHANGING for me.

I’ll see you there! Xo, Janeen

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References and Resources from this episode:

Thanksgiving dinner ideas:

Fire Brigade Stuffing by Forks Over Knives *I use apple juice instead of the alcohol.

Chocolate pecan pie by Isa Moskowitz

Cranberry-stuffed Hassleback Apples by Forks Over Knives

Mashed Potatoes and Gravy by Forks Over Knives

I love Isa Moskowitz’s Seared Dragon Green Beans – so good!  Found @ Cooking With Sarah and Kids

I will make a kale salad as well: Kale, cranberries, toasted pine nuts and smidge of parmesan cheese with balsamic + maple syrup vinaigrette.  SO good!

Nom, Nom!

What are you doing to be eating? 

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