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Your path to soul-filling, amazing health starts here.  I’d love to connect with you to share tips on how to Do-it-All (Fitness, Family and Fun!) without doing yourself in.  Sign me up!

Fit-it-all-In Fitness

I help moms get in the best shape of their lives and have fun raising their families without sacrificing their bucket list or letting the frazzle take over. 


Hey there, I’m Janeen! A plant-based, certified Health Coach specializing in Behavior Change and home schooling Mama of Four. 

And I believe anything is possible…

I know when raising a family as a super busy mom, the easiest things to let go is your own health and bucket list.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  You CAN Do-it-All without Doing-yourself-In!  I’m dedicated to sharing the latest on health and how to make it happen so you can make a lasting health and life transformation!





Do you feel frustrated because you know there is MORE for you, but you feel so drained with your Energy you can’t see it happening any time soon?    If only you could get a handle on your health you’d be able to come alive with passion, vibrance, and purpose!  I get it and I can help… 

Imagine an Energy-Rich Life where you CAN Fit-it-all-In!

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Janeen has a gift! She inspires people to achieve their best self.
Through her education and cheerleading she has helped me changed my life both physically and mentally. {more...}
She believes in the potential awesomeness of each individual and helped me personally find it, harness it, and change my life through my own ability.

Elan E.

New York, USA

It is much easier to succeed when you have someone in your corner
to offer encouragement, advice and support – Janeen is IT! Her enthusiasm and dedication {more...}
are an inspiration for anyone making the switch to a healthier future.

Katie T.

Colorado, USA

Janeen has a passion for knowledge and a commitment to helping anyone she meets be healthier and happier.
She has an intense {more...}
determination to be the very best person she can in every way and she inspires others (including me!) to do the same. Her impact on me and my family’s health has had a ripple effect as we have shared the knowledge she gave us with others.

Liz B.

Colorado, USA

Never before or since, have I met a person who has had such a life changing impact on so many people.
I ate my first “veggie pizza” at the Alley home and was {more...}
astounded such a thing could be created. How was it possible to fit so many veggies on a whole-grain crust and still make it taste good? It was a long line of “surprisingly delicious” meals Janeen prepared. She is an amazing teacher and role model and I’ll be forever grateful I met her!

Emily W.

California, USA

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